That Pearly, Celeb-like Smile Can Be Yours! Try Lumineers!

Looking at those celebs and feeling jealous is not something only you do!

Their skin, hair, smile, everything is just so perfect. While you feel they are born with it, the reality can be different. Have you ever thought about what makes them look that perfect? Let us reveal the secret.

Some people are born attractive; others make them so. Various treatments, procedures, and products are available for everyone, such as cosmetic dentistry and Lumineers. So, for the next time, when you spot that pearly, perfect smile, believe that you can get one, too.

In this blog, we will tell you about Lumineers and how a Delta Dental dentist in San Diego can enhance your smile using them.

Whiter teeth, no more unattainable

Many of us want to keep our teeth white forever, but aging doesn’t let us do that. Thanks to Lumineers! Getting dreamy, white teeth is possible. No matter how discolored or stained your teeth look, you can restore their natural shine. While whitening is also an option, you better know how effective it is and for how long.

No visible gaps and spaces anymore

Sometimes, it is not staining but gaps that make you self-conscious and awkward when smiling in public. With Lumineers, you can fix them too. Whether you have a chipped tooth disrupting your appearance or visible gaps lowering your confidence, Lumineers can eliminate these issues and restore your lost confidence.

Forget uneven, misshapen teeth

Your natural teeth may not have grown into the desired tooth shape, and you’re not the only one facing such an issue. Anyone’s teeth can be uneven, misshapen, or too small and can be fixed using Lumineers. So, now as you know the secret, you can use it to get perfectly-sized teeth by visiting a dental clinic.

Hide restorations beautifully

Use a dental device or have restorations in the past that make your smile look unattractive? If yes, you don’t have to keep your lips zipped anymore. Lumineers can help you perfect your smile again and face the world with your old charm and confidence without feeling too conscious about yourself.

Look and feel dreamy!

If you have been avoiding veneers because of the surface removal it involves, Lumineers can be a right fit for you. Look and feel dreamy without losing a layer and continue with your routine with a brighter smile that comes painlessly.

The bottom line

Getting a perfect smile is possible using Lumineers, without breaking the bank. What’s more? You get several other benefits that make these fantastic products worth every dollar you spend. With the proper care and maintenance, you can expect them to have your back for several years, and you can keep attracting people with your gorgeous smile.

Dr. Abadan has enhanced hundreds of smiles using Lumineers! In case you would like to learn more about making your smile more beautiful and attractive with a Delta Dental dentist in San Diego, contact Dr. Abadan today at 858-350-7400 to schedule a consultation and discuss your options in more detail.

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