How To Treat Receding Gums

One of the visible consequences of gum disease is receding gums—a condition in which the gum line shifts downwards after moving down a tooth’s root. There can be gum recession in a single tooth or many teeth, and the leading symptoms are inflamed tissue, exposure of the root, root sensitivity, and cavities in the root. Gum recession must be repaired as your gums function as a principal barrier to harmful bacteria, which can cause tooth decay, gum disease, gum and bone deterioration, or loss of a tooth.

To treat gum recession, you will require gum grafting but only if the following signs or symptoms can be seen or felt:

  • Exposure of the root
  • Inflamed tissue
  • Presence of cavities on the surface of the root
  • Sensitive tooth
  • Aesthetic considerations
  • Presence of gum disease
  • Deterioration of gum and the bone

Procedure of Gum Grafting

A gum graft readjusts the gum line, which reduces the extent of the tooth that’s revealed when you smile. Different gum grafting procedures are used to treat receding gums, and the particular type will be determined by Dr. Abadan and her team based on your prognosis. The three major types of gum grafting surgery are connective tissue, free gingival pedicle and Pinhole  grafts. In all these techniques except Pinhole skin or tissue is taken from the patient’s mouth and around the gum or from a tissue bank.

Techniques Used For Gum Grafting

For successful treatment, the Gentle Dentistry clinic utilizes Advanced Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery with no incisions; the Pinhole technique that treats gum tissue recession using just one site for surgery with no incision; periodontal plastic surgery for excellent aesthetic results; and the one-day All on 4 procedure to bring back edentulous dentition along with a fixed prosthesis.

The dental condition of receding gum tissue should be immediately treated. Patients wanting to know more about gum grafts and set up a consultation with Dr. Maggie Abadan can call Gentle Dentistry at 858-350-7400 to speak with our dental experts and staff for high-quality periodontal care to resolve receding gums.








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