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Some patients experience the medical condition of grinding their teeth at night when they are asleep. They might not even know that they grind their teeth. But if not treated, the grinding can affect your teeth. As a result, the bite you take while eating may be impaired.

At Gentle Dentistry, Dr. Maggie Abadan and her staff help patients by offering night guards to treat teeth grinding while they are asleep. Dr. Abadan shapes your mouth guard in such a way that it fits correctly, and you can smile with comfort.

For those reading about a night guard for the first time, it is a particular variety of guard that’s utilized to treat bruxism or excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding. If your dentist finds that you have bruxism, a night guard will be recommended to safeguard your teeth from any deterioration and to inhibit grinding during sleep. Some of the most common signs of jaw clenching and teeth grinding during nighttime are given below:

  • Persistent facial, ear and jaw pain
  • Awakening from sleep and feeling a tight or tired sensation in the jaw
  • Recurring migraines and tension headaches
  • Observation of extreme attrition of tooth resulting in flattened, cracked or chipped teeth
  • Highly worn out tooth enamel that exposes the tooth’s inner layers
  • The tongue has depressions on its side
  • The tooth feels more sensitive than before

Therefore, if you observe and feel any of the above signs and symptoms of bruxism, a customized night guard will be highly beneficial. Once you agree to wear one, the night guard is designed and created to fit your mouth perfectly so that you can smile comfortably—but more importantly, sleep in peace and at the same time protect your oral health. We encourage you to get in touch with us to know more about night guards and how to prevent grinding of teeth. We are committed to offer the best possible dental care so that you can continue to have a healthy smile.







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