Experience Painless Dental Procedures With Laser Surgery

Is your dental anxiety stopping you from treating your dental problems? You’re not alone. Many patients struggle to overcome their fear of the dentist due to past unpleasant appointments. But we can help you. Here at The Gentle Dentistry, we take care of the worst dental problems using our state-of-the-art laser surgery technology. Whether it’s tooth decay, gum disease, hypersensitivity, or tooth stain that has made your life difficult, we can successfully treat all of these dental problems without causing any pain.

What is Dental Surgery?

Our cutting-edge laser surgery equipment emits high-energy lasers capable of cutting both hard and soft tissue or vaporizing it. This helps to minimize bleeding and swelling during performing dental procedures and eliminates pain and the need for local anesthesia. The FDA-approved surgery technique can be used in a variety of dental procedures ranging from cavity detection, tooth preparation, and dental fillings, to treating tooth sensitivity. The cost of laser surgery in Carmel Valley varies depending on the complexity and duration of the dental procedure. Overall it can be less expensive than traditional dental procedures as the treatment is generally completed in fewer sessions.

Overcome Dental Anxiety With Laser Surgery

When you sit for dental laser surgery in Carmel Valley, San Diego, you won’t hear the terrifying buzzing sound of tools that brings back memories of past dentist appointments. And not only will you not hear the sound of machines reverberating up your ear, but also not feel any discomforting sensation while and after the surgery. The procedure provides a more comfortable treatment option than traditional methods and has helped countless patients get over their fear and anxiety of the dentist and regain their dental health.

Why Get it Done From Us?

Here at Gentle Dentistry, our biggest goal is to provide the highest quality care and service to our patients and this is reflected in the professionalism and passion of our staff members. There is no bigger emphasis than addressing the unique condition of each of our patients. That is why we treat every case differently. We only present treatment options after a thorough round of examination and analyzing how the dental problem started and how it has affected the patient’s life. With over twenty years of practice, combined with our advanced equipment, we provide the highest quality Laser Treatments in San Diego.

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Thank you for choosing us to be your dental health care providers in the San Diego area. Following a good oral hygiene routine and receiving regular dental check ups are ways to keep your healthy smile.

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