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Invisalign Aligners For Uneven Teeth And Abnormal Bite

Invisalign dentist Dr. Maggie Abadan, in San Diego, can completely correct your abnormal bite by using Invisalign aligners to straighten or re-align teeth that are crooked or have gaps. An abnormal bite is due to malocclusion of teeth or misaligned teeth, Invisalign Dentist San Diego which is a dental condition that can cause serious oral health issues such as crowded teeth, overbite, open bite, and cross bite, which can affect vital functions of the teeth.

The need for wearing an aligner may arise because a patient did not receive dental braces as a child or as an adult delayed treatment for malocclusion. But by treating your maloccluded bite, Invisalign specialist Dr. Maggie Abadan can also restore your confidence so that you are no longer self-conscious while smiling. More importantly, an abnormal bite needs to be corrected because uneven teeth or teeth with gaps can be difficult to clean, which can trigger a greater build-up of tartar and plaque. Furthermore, the risk of tooth grinding or developing TMJ disorders also increases due to a maloccluded bite.

An orthodontic solution that has completely changed the way some dental problems are treated, an Invisalign is an almost invisible aligner. Composed of smooth plastic, it fits just like a mouth guard, but unlike metal braces does not irritate your cheeks or lips. You can also continue to enjoy your cherished food items and after eating clean your teeth without using special tools.

Invisalign specialist Dr. Maggie Abadan often informs her patients who are curious to know more about Invisalign that the clear aligners are backed by 20 years of proven clinical research and more than four million patients who have used them. Dr. Abadan also believes that the clear aligners are most suitable for adults and older teens whose jawbones have fully formed, and those who have moderate to mild misaligned teeth.

Invisalign Treatment

The treatment begins with Dr. Abadan and her staff at her clinic Gentle Dentistry taking a series of computer images and dental impressions. These are used to produce the aligning trays that you will change every two weeks. Regular checkups ensure that your treatment is well-documented and your dentist makes necessary adjustments. To achieve optimum results, you have to wear the aligners for a minimum of 20 hours each day during your whole treatment even as you switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks.

So, now that you know the benefits of Invisalign and require treatment for abnormal teeth, Invisalign specialist Dr. Maggie Abadan and her staff will help you to understand your options, including Invisalign, and design a treatment plan. To find out how Invisalign can help you attain a natural and healthier smile without the discomfort and appearance issues related to metal braces, get in touch with Invisalign dentist Dr. Maggie Abadan.

Invisalign specialist Dr. Maggie Abadan has been a leading Invisalign dentist in San Diego since 2006 and is a preferred provider for Invisalign. As an Invisalign dentist, she has treated malocclusion of various types arising from slight crowding, flared teeth, under bite, crooked teeth, open bite, cross bite, deep bite, spaces between teeth. Using all her experience as an Invisalign specialist, she uses Invisalign to achieve an ideal bite in each case to ensure a healthy bite for her patient. To keep herself up to date with the latest technologies and products, she attends workshops and seminars. Dr. Adaban has recently procured an ITero scanner to get a more exact duplication of each bite as it helps in the fabrication of aligners with far more accuracy.

Dr. Abadan also takes care to educate her patients about the importance of a healthy bite and the consequences of malocclusion. Patients understand the importance and express a desire to try Invisalign—especially when they compare it with traditional braces. They come to know that dental treatment with Invisalign is usually more rapid, can be completed in less than a year, is more comfortable to execute, and a far better aesthetic solution.






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