Full mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction, also known as full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction is a comprehensive and systematic dental procedure and approach for restoring all your teeth at one go, and is sometimes referred to as, “anti-aging dentistry that would provide a natural facelift.”

Through full mouth rehabilitation, a dentist re-constructs those parts of your mouth that have undergone age or disease-related wear and tear over a period. For example, if the chewing process has been affected due to grinding, clenching, and other harmful processes, the mouth is re-built to its natural state and function. A person having a sinking face is also a suitable candidate for having a full mouth rehabilitation or reconstruction. A sinking face is the result of worn down teeth that are unable to support the lower third of our face and also the skin of our face—a condition that one sees when a person wearing dentures takes them out, and the front of their mouth begins to show creases.

When is Full Mouth Rehabilitation necessary?

While full mouth rehabilitation involves restoring the function of all, or nearly all teeth at one go, the reasons for the reconstruction are many and are given below:

  • Badly worn down teeth
  • Many teeth missing
  • The top teeth bite far down and over the teeth a the bottom
  • Patients requiring immediate restorations on all teeth to reposition them
  • Most or all teeth suffer from serious decay
  • The enamel is eroded severely
  • Existence of congenital disorders leading o missing enamel, teeth
  • Mouth or teeth suffered grievous injury


How Full Mouth Rehabilitation Is Done

Full mouth restoration is a highly complicated dental procedure and requires detailed planning and execution to achieve a healthy, long-lasting and aesthetic result. The treatment begins with an exhaustive consultation visit, examinations, noting many measurements, and designing a diagnostic blueprint plan for whole procedure. The functional and aesthetic objectives are pre-decided before beginning the treatment. The patient is also shown many patient cases of successful full mouth reconstruction.

So, if you think that you require full mouth rehabilitation, get in touch with us today for a preliminary consultation as any delay will worsen the health of your mouth.







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