We are re-configuring our office to have the appropriate social distancing protocols in place in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Every day we receive new information from the CDC and ADA and adjust our protocols accordingly, so we ask that you continue to be patient with us as we navigate this “new normal” in dentistry.


1. All staff will sign a waiver form promising their dedication to practice continued social distancing when not in the office, they will be asked screening questions daily to ensure they do not have any symptoms placing them or others at risk of COVID-19, and their temperatures will be taken using a non-touch thermometer at the start of every day. Anyone with a temperature equal to or above 100.4 F will be sent home and appropriate measures will be taken at that time.

2. All patients will be asked COVID-19 screening questions prior to their appointment, will have their temperatures taken, and will be required to sign a consent form on the day of their appointment.

3. We will be staggering appointments to limit the number of people in the office at any given time, and this will make the appointment days/times to choose from more limited.

4. The reception area has been reconfigured and we will no longer be providing a self-serve coffee and water station; the staff can provide water to any patients that ask for it.

5. No eating in the office.

6. We will not be providing headphones, blankets, or neck rests to our patients and we ask that you please plan accordingly and bring the items you wish to use during your visit. We will also no longer be providing toys for children in our office.

7. We will have flexible scheduling to allow for same day dental treatment (as best as we can), in order to reduce the need for patients to return for a second or third visit.

8. We will have a staff member dedicated to the role of “Infection Control Officer” who will be frequently wiping down/disinfecting surfaces in the reception and waiting room, and who will be helping patients through the new office changes and ensuring a smooth flow from beginning to end of each patient appointment.

9. All personnel will be wearing masks at all times in the office.

10. All patients will be required to wear their mask in the office unless instructed by staff to remove it once in the operatory room.

11. All patients will be given shoe covers upon their entry into the office.

12. Office bathroom will be closed to patients and we will ask patients to please use the hallway bathroom directly next to our office.

13. Plexiglas barrier has been placed at the reception desk to protect our staff and our patients.

14. Kona Adapter and Zyris Mouthpieces have been purchased for every operatory, to connect to the high volume suction, and decrease the amount of aerosolized particles by 90% in the office.

I realize that these changes are going to be hard for everyone to adjust to, but we appreciate your understanding and patience as we continue to make modifications and re-configurations to our office to ensure everyone’s safety.


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