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Our team consists of dedicated individuals who are kind, friendly and caring. Our staff is here to ensure a pleasant experience during your visit to our office.

Our team includes experienced and energetic people whose goal is to communicate with our patients to provide the best dental care possible.

“There is no other place I would like to be right now, you are all so friendly and nice people.” — Greg Sandala

Maira Rajab

We would like to introduce you to Maira, your Insurance Specialist and personal dental concierge. Maira diligently gathers your dental benefit information and verifies and reconciles your eligibility and benefit breakdown. It is not an easy task to understand dental benefits and she makes it simple for you by being your own personal “dental secretary”. She researches this information in advance of your appointment so you will know what to expect in coverage and benefits prior to any treatment. She also helps you in filing claims timely and when necessary helping you to get benefits from stubborn Insurance companies. Maira is from Afghanistan, Russia and Germany and speaks all three languages. We often wonder how we were lucky enough to capture this world traveler and keep her in San Diego since 2004. Do you think it’s the weather? Maira is friendly, easy going and open to new things, but more than likely you will find her spending time with family, shopping, watching TV and exercising because she loves to eat – which means she will work hard to make sure you get the benefits to care for you teeth since she can’t do without hers!

Laura Beckwith R.D.H

Laura was raised here in San Diego. She has over 20 years of experience in the dental field, starting as a dental assistant where she developed a passion for dentistry and then expanded her career by becoming a Dental Hygienist. She is married with two daughters and four step-children. Laura enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, church activities, hiking, camping, and musical theater.

Suzana Redzepagic

The voice you will learn to love and laugh with

If you are thinking of becoming a patient of Gentle Dentistry, there is an 80% chance you will be greeted by the ever so entertaining Suzana Redzepagic. When you hear her voice you will think she one of the intriguing international characters from a James Bond movie. She does speak multiple languages including, English, Chinese, Serbian and Bosnian. Suzana will coordinate all the details leading up to the most enjoyable dental appointment of your life. When you meet her in person, she will welcome you like the most important patient in the world… because to her you are.

Suzana joined Dr. Abadan’s team as a patient care coordinator to help existing and new patients schedule their routine maintenance and restorative care. She is passionate about the health of our patients and has embraced dentistry after studying and practicing traditional Chinese Medicine for over 5 years. She has become well known with our patients for her therapeutic oils she has customized for their relaxation and enjoyment during their dental visits. You can count on Suzana to remind you that your long term oral health and function is also important in your busy schedules.

Monica Chang, M.S.

Meet Monica –one of our newest dental assistants and soon-to-be dentist. As a former premedical student, neuroscience researcher, and treatment technician, she has had extensive experience in health and patient care. After years of working in the medical field, Monica decided to explore other areas of healthcare and ultimately realized that dentistry would be the ideal profession for her. Eager for practical hands-on experience, she began volunteering as a dental assistant for the UCSD Free Dental Clinics and eventually became a clinic manager. Currently, Monica continues volunteering as a manager for the free clinics while assisting and learning from Dr. Abadan here at Gentle Dentistry –all in preparation for her future career as a dentist!

Hadeel Al-Saihati DA

Hadeel is Dr. Abadan’s right hand gal. She will be sitting with you during all your procedures and ensuring that you are comfortable here at Gentle Dentistry. She is also the one who will be greeting you into the back with her warm smile. She will take any x-rays that are needed and with her gentle touch it’s always a breeze being in the dental chair with her by your side. Hadeel’s love and passion for dentistry combined with her exceptional learning skills quickly advanced her to Dr. Abadan’s lead dental assistant. Her plans are to start dental hygiene school in the near future and to further her career in dentistry.

Hadeel is originally born and raised in Saudi Arabia but since she moved here as a little girl, she doesn’t have an accent but still feel free to practice your Arabic with her! In her spare time, Hadeel loves to travel, hike, and of course loves to go shopping. She also considers herself a foodie so she’s always trying out new restaurants in town!

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